Free First Aid Kit and More From Hi-Desert Medical Center! (Purse Size)


Just ask and you will get all these items for free!

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Medication Record: a pocket-size medication tracker (NEW!)
  • Information about Hi-Desert Medical Center’s programs and services
  • Fact Sheet: this brochure provides statistical facts about Hi-Desert Medical Center
  • Doctors’ List: provides names and telephone numbers of physicians serving Hi-Desert Medical Center
  • Information about the Hi-Desert Memorial Health Care District Foundation
  • Special Additions Family Birthing Center
  • Home Health Services
  • Continuing Care Center: explains the services available at our long-term care facility
  • Information about our Diabetes Education Program
  • Auxiliary: an overview of the volunteer program at Hi-Desert Medical Center
  • A magnet with important hospital phone numbers
  • A purse-sized first aid kit

  • Labels: