10 Personalized Items At Cow Cow for just $.99 Plus Free Shipping!

 $.99/ea Small Custom Memo Pads, $1.99/ea Large Custom Memo Pads with Free Shipping

 $0.99 for 1st and 2nd custom name stamp, additional each $2.99 with free shipping

 $.99 for 1st Custom Cosmetic Bag Additional $3.99 Each with Free Shipping

 $.99/ea Custom Handbag Mirrors (2.25) $1.99 ea for handbag mirrors (3) with Free Shipping

 $0.99 for 1st Custom Sleeping Mask, Additional $1.99/each with Free Shipping

 $0.99 for 1st Custom Phone Case, Additional $9.99/each with Free Shipping (Hardshell & Enamel Only)

 $0.99/ea Custom Mini Coin Purses with Free Shipping

 $0.99/ea for Custom Glasses Cloths (single-sided), $1.99/ea for Glasses Cloths (two-sided), with Free Shipping (Sizes S & M Only)

 $0.99 for 1st Custom Keychain, Additional each $3.99 with Free Shipping

 $0.99/ea for Custom Dog Tags (single-sided), $1.99/each for Two-sided, with Free Shipping

All items above are just $.99! Order yours now!

Codes you need are:
Memo Pad Z099MEMOZ7FXW
Stamp Z099NAME74NX9
Cosmetic Bag Z099COSBGPQ3VD
Handbag Mirror Z099MIRRORA7494
Mini Coin Purse Z099COINPUYTT3
Custom Phone Case Z099CASE83JJ4
Sleeping Mask Z099MASKZESTZ
Dog Tags Z099DOG9AJQN
Glasses Cloth Z099CLOTHSVCEZN
Keychain Z099KEYCTPP75

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I love this company. You can make so many items that are personalized with your own photos or writing. Give them as gifts or keep them for yourselves.


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