Lowe's Paper Towels Just $.13 Each with In Store Coupon!


I have debated posting this because I am always afraid someone will go crazy and clear the shelves which I do not recommend.

When I went to my store they said someone had purchased everything they had on the shelves. I ordered two boxes to donate to a mission in my area Cherry Street Mission. (Please make sure that they have enough on the shelves for others)

Here is the breakdown. Right now in stores Lowe's has a coupon booklet filled with over $20 of savings it looks like the picture below

The very first coupon in the book that is at the top of my post can be used on individual paper towels. (along with other items) Our price in store is $.88 each so once you take the coupon off which is $.75 your total is $.13 each. These can be ordered so I am asking you to please not clear the shelves and leave some for others. Also please consider donating to a charity or somewhere in need in your area. At my store they had these booklets hanging in little red buckets in the cleaning isle and on some of the end caps. The coupons expire November 30, 2015.

FYI at our store they had to have one coupon with each purchase. It took me about a hour to check out to order 2 boxes. So I was able to get 60 paper towels (30 per box) for just $8.33.

In the booklet they have many other coupons that can be stacked with manufacture coupons. I found some great deals on candles and other cleaning supplies.

I would love to see or hear some stories of how you are giving back or helping others with coupons. Please leave me a comment if you have done so.


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