Target Store Credit for Used Clothing??...Next Best Thing thredUp!!


Today I read a article on Yahoo about Target having a program where in exchange for your clothing you can earn store credit or Target gift can read that article here

I called our local store and they are not part of this (so bummed)

This is the stores that have it available


When I click on the link for the Yahoo article it shows me this

Simple. Smart. Good.

Send us your clothes, we'll handle the rest.

The Clean Out with thredUP + Target program has concluded, but you can still order a Clean Out Kit here.

If you already have a Target Clean Out Bag, you can mail it to us (for free) with USPS or FedEx.

I signed up tonight to get my bag sent...I had just donated about 6 bags to Goodwill I am hoping I can earn some money for those things I do still have
Give $20, Get $20

Your friend gets $20 to spend and you get $20
when they spend it. Everybody wins!

Go here to get your Clean Out Kit

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