Toys! Toys! Toys! Opening Reception May 22 Toledo Museum of Art


In the Community Gallery. Toys are capable of provoking powerful memories – of our childhoods, of by-gone eras, of our collective cultural history. In this Community Gallery exhibition, local artists celebrate the fun and nostalgia of toys in a variety of mediums, from 3-D to installation work.

Held on Friday from 6-8 PM

Held at the Toledo Museum of Art

May 22 – Sep. 17, 2015

Toys! Toys! Toys! is a celebration of fun and nostalgiaWhether it is a toy from a by-gone era, your favorite childhood toy, or a toy your child or grandchild clings to, toys are a big part of our overall memories and experiences. Toys evoke powerful emotions in all of us.
Held at The Toledo Museum of Art
2445 Monroe Street Toledo, Ohio 43620

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