My Sleep Number Sleep IQ Technology Review and Adventure


As part of my latest Smiley 360 mission, I was asked to visit the Sleep Number store and learn more about their sleep IQ technology.

The Sleep Number® bed is the only bed that lets you track and optimize your sleep with SleepIQ™ technology. Sensors work directly with Sleep Number® DualAir™ technology inside the Sleep Number bed to measure your average breathing rate, average heart rate and movement to track how you’re sleeping.
SleepIQ™ technology provides a simple and intuitive way to know more about your sleep. It tracks your sleep and provides information you can use to make adjustments to your SLEEP NUMBER® setting or daily routine. Best of all, it empowers you so you can achieve your best possible sleep, night after night.
And SleepIQ™ couldn’t be easier to use. Nothing to wear, nothing to turn on. All you have to do is sleep.

Our local mall has had a Sleep Number store that I had never been in. Many family and friends had told us how great the beds they owned were but also that they were a huge cost. Knowing this I was not sure if I would feel pressured by the sales personal when I entered the store. Amy and Dustin greeted us right away. 

My son Dave had come along with me to check out the SleepIQ Technology. I have never ever been on such a soft bed! We tried the Sleep Number x12 Bed. 

About it-Enjoy a whole new level of sleep with comfort that's adjustable to both of you in every way. Advanced comfort materials and layers of exceptional pressure-relieving memory foam provide long-lasting quality, comfort and support.  

Honestly I did not want to get out of the bed. They found my perfect number! The technology is amazing. To know that if I have a day I need more or less support and my bed will be able to be comfortable is a blessing. If you have a spouse that snores you can even elevate the bed so they no longer snore. My husband likes a firm mattress and I like a plush or a memory foam. This would be a win for both of us. If I had the money to spend I would purchase this bed. I did not feel pressured in any way and Dustin answered all of our questions. My son already asked if he could have the pillow and is wanting one of the beds for Christmas!

For me I was able to find a contest to enter to win one! Fingers are crossed.

If you would like to enter please see here 

Find them on Facebook here or Website here

A story about our evening-
It had been raining and earlier we had tornado watch/warnings in our area. On our drive to the store the sky started getting dark and it started to pour before we entered the store. About 20 minutes into our demonstration tornado sirens went off. Security called and at first we were sent to a back room. Then they decided the safest place for us to be was a bathroom. So for the next 30 minutes we got to know one another. After we came out of the bathroom I was able to finish my review.

**As a part of this mission Smiley 360 and Sleep Number are providing me with a free pillow.  All opinions are all my own.**