Rite Aid Deals of the Week for 2/15


1. Softsoap Bodywash with in ad coupon $1.49.

If you have any coupons to add to this offer it gets even better!

2. Keri Lotion 15 oz.Oil 8 or 16 oz BOGO (Buy One Get One) Free of equal of equal or lesser value
Combine this with the coupon below and save $2! The price is $8.79 for one.

FYI-They allowed me to use 2 coupons with the managers permission. So I saved $4. Making the cost out of pocket $4.79 plus tax.

3.  Dove Mens+Care Shampoo 12 oz on sale 2 for $8 and Dove Mens+ Shavel Gel 7 oz on sale 2 for $8

Combine with coupons below buy 2 Shampoo and  2 Shave Gel =$16 plus tax (plus get $4 up reward) save $4 off shampoo and $4 off shave gel for a total savings of $8. (you should have 2 coupons if you have the same paper my coupons came in) Total Price for all 4 is just $8 plus tax. (reminder you are also getting the $4 up reward so this makes them $1 each plus tax) I could not take a picture of the ones for the shave gel because I had already used them!

Reminder-The up rewards are to spend on a future visit but you must wait 24 hours to use them.

4. Gillette Clinical Antiperspirant Deodorant 1.6-1.7 oz $7.99 each (plus get a $2 up reward)
Purchase 2=$15.98 plus tax (you will get a $4 up reward)

Use 2 of the coupons shown below to save $8=$7.98 plus tax (you are also getting that $4 up reward making your total cost $3.98 plus tax)

Reminder-The up rewards are to spend on a future visit but you must wait 24 hours to use them.

They also have coupons that are for the womens clinical and secret but those are not as high of a value. They are for $2.00 off one. These are shown below.

5. Stayfree Maxi Pads 14-24 ct., Carefree Pantillners 36-60 ct. or o.b. Tampons 18 ct. $3.00 each.

Get a $2.00 up reward (2 allowed per customer)

I plan to buy 2 Stayfree Maxi Pads for $6.00 plus tax and I will get a $4 up reward making my cost just $2 plus tax for 2. If you have any coupons this deal gets even better!

6. M & M's are on sale 2 for $6. The coupon shown below is for buy any 1 bag of M&M's Brand Chocolate Candies (9.0 oz. or larger), Get a Free bag of M&M's brand Crispy Chocolate Candies (1.35 oz-2.83 oz.)

7. Simply Laundry Detergent is on sale for $2.99. If you purchase 2 for a total of $5.98 plus tax and apply the coupon shown below to save $1.00 it makes the cost just $4.98 plus tax.

For these purchases I got $16 in up rewards to use after 24 hours :) (this would have been 18 but they were out of the Dove Mens Shampoo)

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