Oink Prepaid Card Review


My son Dave has always been good with money and is very responsible so when we were invited to be a Chatterbox for Oink Prepaid Card Review I was excited. It is a way to help your child manage money.

1. We went online to sign up.
2. We added funds to his Oink account.
3. He made his transaction using his Oink card (He wanted to order a game at Walmart. He was able to log on and use his card to pay and order it. Later we logged on and were able to see everything for his account.) The card is accepted everywhere Discover is accepted.
4. Manage, turn Oink Card on/off and track transactions instantly online and on-the-go.

This card is great because it teaches your children or teenager how to handle money and financial responsibility. Plus they can keep track of everything they spend.

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I received a free Party Pack With Oink card  #freeChatPack #Chatterbox


Introducing the Oink Prepaid Card

With Oink, your family can shop and manage their money online and on-the-go while empowering your children to learn financial responsibility all within parental controls.

Oink Prepaid Card

Oink was created as a way to manage your child’s online spending. With Oink, you can set spending limits and monitor where your child is shopping. The Oink Card was added to give your family a more robust digital allowance system that allows you to spend online or in-store in a controlled manner. With Oink’s Discover® relationship, the Oink Card can be used everywhere Discover® is accepted.

Oink App

With the Oink app, parents can instantly track their teens’ purchases and reload funds. It’s a fast and easy tool to help parents keep track of their kids’ spending and teach their kids financial responsibility. Parents and teens can also find the hottest offers at their favorite retailers.