Fulton County Annual Tree & Plant Sale

 Fulton County, OH

The Fulton Soil and Water Conservation District is hosting their annual tree and plant sale. This event offers a wide variety of trees and wildflower seeds at a low cost. The SWCD offers these materials to encourage landowners to increase or establish windbreaks, prevent, erosion, provide wildlife protection and enhance the natural environment. This event is open to the public with no restrictions on who can purchase or where these trees and flowers can be planted. The plants available are bare root stock, making them economical to purchase. Most tree seedlings are three years old and range in size from 12-36 inches, depending on species. New this year, the tree and plant sale features three species of 3 gallon potted trees as well as garden cover crop seed mixes. The Fulton SWCD staff is available to assist customers with plant selection that will best meet their needs. They can assist customers by: identifying plants suitable for specific soil types, providing information on how to plant seedlings, suggesting varieties that attract wildlife and various other areas that help increase the value and enjoyment that trees and plants can bring to property owners. The district also has tree planting bars and a tree seedling planter (pulled behind a tractor) available for rent.

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