Walmart Card Cash Program (Sell unwanted giftcards for a Walmart one)


Today I found out about this amazing program going on thru Walmart. If you have ever been given a gift card to somewhere that you will not be using then this may be for you. How does it work? Say you were given a gift card to one of over 200 retailers. These can vary I found many stores listed, movies, hotels, and more. You go to the site found here and type in the name of the company and the amount on the card. It takes just a few seconds and they give you a offer. This offer is for less than what your card is worth but for a Walmart E-Gift  Card. This is usually just a online Walmart gift card used to shop online but they are now offering that if you print it out you can use it to shop in store also! I saw places like Bass Pro, Kohl's, Target and many more.

Here is a example I was given a $25 gift card 2 years ago to a theater that is not in town. I was able to sell it for $18 and some change. Less than the value but the card has been just sitting and now I can get some goodies from Walmart. The rate they pay you can be from 97% to around 73%. You can also use a partially used card.

The program is just launched. If they have enough consumers choose this option they may keep this around. I think it is a win-win for everyone.

What do you think??

See link for Walmart Gift Card Terms and Conditions

From the website:

Get Offer

Enter merchant name and card balance for a quick exchange offer. In seconds, see how much you can get in exchange for your gift card! Get up to 97% of the face value when exchanging for a Walmart eGift Card.

Enter Information

Enter card number and pin and some basic customer information. Once your order is placed, your card balance will be verified behind the scenes to ensure the fastest and most secure process possible.

Receive a Walmart eGift Card

Your eGift Card will be emailed to you in a printable format once your order has been approved. Approval time generally takes 1-2 hours but can take up to 24 hours.

Redeem your Walmart eGift Card at,, Walmart stores and Neighborhood Markets
(print it out and hand it to the cashier), and Sam’s Club (print it out and hand it to the cashier).

Questions? Contact our Customer Representatives at (800) 692-7611 or email them at

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