Hi all it's been a while since I have been able to blog. I just wanted to touch base and explain that back on October 22nd I had triple hernia surgery. My recovery has not been as fast as I would like and I have been unable to do many of the things I love such as blogging. I am starting to get back to a routine (ummm sorta) and hope to be posting as usual soon!

We recently had photos taken for our family Christmas cards. It's the time of year where there is so much to get done! Dave has a upcoming concert for choir. Jordyn is working 40 hours a week and attending college full time. (bust still living at home) I was blessed to see my brother along with his family who lives out of state on Thanksgiving. In addition to all this I have someone who is very close to me in the hospital since the week before Thanksgiving. Much of my free time has been spent there.

On my good days and bad my dog has been there for me I cannot explain what a comfort that is. My sweet Bear.

In the words of my aunt it is what it is....


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