My TADgreen e-cloth Review


Disclosure: TADgreen campaign provided me with the products shown in exchange for a product review. However, all the opinions expressed here are my own.

I was so excited to get the box of my front porch that contained my Total Floor Care Kit which contains the Deep Clean Mop and Flexi-Edge Floor & Wall Duster. Shown below are pictures of the flooring we have in our kitchen, laundry room, hallway and both bathrooms. We love how they look but we have a dog Bear who sheds all the time.

See the fur on the floor and by the chairs.

It may be hard to see but there is dust and fur all over. I am very ocd when it comes to cleaning. In the past I would clean the floor on my hands and knees.

This is our floor after no dust no dog fur. It actually is so clean it shines. I love the fact that when I am done cleaning I can just throw it in the wash. I let it air dry and it was ready to be used again.

My next job was the vents in our home. I am only 5 2 1/2 so I have a hard time reaching things. I try to clean our vents a few times a year. We just built our home last June but I have not needed to clean the ceiling vents or so I though.

Above is the Flexi-Edge Floor & Wall Duster.

This is what our vents looked like before. Lots of yucky stuff.

Above is the after. Clean and spotless. What I really enjoyed is the fact that all the debris stayed on the duster itself.

Here is after we cleaned all the vents in our home. I was able to throw this in our wash and it came out  clean. I have never been one for wasting anything so I love the fact that these can be reused at least 100 times!

My home is cleaner than it has been and I am very happy about it. They have so many amazing products on the website.

More about the company-

About Us
e-cloth products enable a chemical-free cleaning process that only uses water.  Using microfiber technology, proprietary equipment and manufacturing techniques e-cloth; produces superior performing products to meet specific cleaning challenges.
Since its founding in 1995, e-cloth, has rapidly grown into Europe's No. 1 chemical-free cleaning company.  e-cloth, products began being sold in the United States in 2008.
Our aim is to supply the most effective, healthiest and most environmentally friendly cleaning system available at a good value to the consumer.
Our single minded focus on high performance cleaning has created a range of products that clean entirely without chemicals, using just water.  The selection includes Single Cloth Packs, Two Cloth Packs, and Multi Cloth Value Packs for general cleaning, for cleaning in specific rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom, and for specific tasks such as cleaning stainless steel, stovetops, and windows.
In additional to exceptional cleaning, e-cloth; products provide significant cost and time savings and real health and environmental benefits versus ordinary cleaning.
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