Complaining on or don't

So I was scrolling my Facebook news feed and I came across this post today-

I have always thought the ------------- was one of the best I've ever visited. Today I went through the drive thru, order bowl of soup, gave girl at window a $10. Wind blowing,very cold as she handed me my lose change & receipt,then soup. As I pulled forward,put change in chg purse, I realized I had no bills. Parked, went in & showed receipt to short manager. Told him she never gave me my$7. I had searched car etc. He said he'd have to count her drawer. Girl admitted she didn't remember me or money. He was gone,gone. I sat & waited. Meanwhile a fellow employee offered to help. Told her what was happening. Waited. She came back around. Manager went to back ,thru a door & never looked for me. She went to find. He had my receipt. He came went to register, printed a receipt,gave to her never spoke to me except to pass on her register counted. Think I should report? I know the owner..

This has over 327 comments.

She has posted it on the companies wall also.

For some reason this is really bothering me. I know the company and my daughter has worked there for over 2 years. They are not the type of place to rip someone off. I believe the money could have blown away. I have always been treated well at any of these places I have visited and everyone goes out of the way to serve you. I just think it should have been in a email to the company or a private message to them on Facebook.

What do you all think??? Complaining on or don't??? 

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