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I just came in the house about a hour ago. I spent all morning working on gardening around my home.Where should I start? Let me say first and foremost I love blogging! This is not a this is the end note and I am still going to be blogging. What I wanted to write about is the balance of blogging and being a mom. Over the last 4 years as a blogger I have learned so much. If you did not know I have 2 blogs this one (started in 2010) and another that I started June of 2012 called Blushing Bee By Me. My intention was to post as much as I could when I first started. As time has passed I have tried to post but not as much, just things that are important. I have seen a drop in readers due to these changes. I can't please everyone all the time. You may have seen that sometimes I go a few days without posting. This is not done because I am lazy it has been because things are going on with my family.

Did you know that this was my daughter Jordyn's senior year? She just graduated from high school Cum Laude. I cannot say how proud I am of her. We had her party here at our home earlier in the month. I planned it and did all the food myself with the help of family. I have been trying to be there for everything with school for both my kids. My son Dave just finished 5th grade and was on super honor roll. He got 2nd place in the entire fifth grade for his grade point average. I love my kids and family. We have orientation at my daughters college next week. She will be going close to home and commuting. My son has camp coming up for boy scouts.

I struggle daily with my ocd. What do you consider ocd? To me it is things that I worry about getting done. I always try to have my house picked up clean and the laundry done. I struggle between blogging and not blogging. Going thru a zillion emails and trying to post things that are relevant. As a mom/wife I must enjoy the summer and doing things with my family. The little things matter most. I have learned a pile of mail in the living room is not going to kill me. A little dust on the tables for 1-2 days is not going to hurt anyone. I am very organized and shoot for perfection but sometimes I just have to let it go. We have a husky named Bear. She sheds all the time. The hair showing on the wood floors bothers me!

I had a cleaning company called Sara's Services since I was 14 years old. At one point I had 30 clients on a rotating schedule and it kept me very busy. It was just myself cleaning and organizing for them. Due to a triple hernia I had to stop cleaning for my clients. I will be having surgery later this year to get this fixed. Most likely in September. This is going to set me back on doing things and blogging. So my blogs may be down for just a bit. Currently I have one client that I still clean and organize for once a week. I also assist in a office three days a week but for summer I have scaled back to once a week. For some reason I always need to be busy. I don't sleep much because my mind is constantly thinking.

I have a few hobbies to say the least. Decorating my new home (we will be here 1 year this month) with country primitives. I have even have made many thing myself. I l enjoy shopping at flea markets, garage sales etc. I love entering sweepstakes and contests. It has been worth spending the time doing because I have been able to win anywhere from ten contests or more a year. Earlier in the year I won a $1000 gift card for furniture. My most recent win was a book contract so I am working on writing a book. (it will be about saving money etc) One of the things that is most important is spending time doing couponing and store matchups. This is not just for my blog but to help our family budget. I usually spend 6-8 hours a week on this. I also spend time at the stores shopping sales. Cooking and baking is something I also enjoy.

My grandfather moved here last year and was very sick. He passed away on Mother's Day. It was so hard seeing this and I am glad he is no longer suffering. In July I am going with family to have his funeral in Wisconsin. The anniversary of my father passing on Father's Day just went by. It has been 8 years and I miss him terribly. My brother moved last year to Alpena Michigan so we are planning a visit sometime over the summer. Everything has to be a balancing act. I can't do everything all the time. Time with my kids and family is time I cannot get back. Blogging can be very cutthroat. I blog to help others not to make money. (money would be nice though)

I know I did not have to explain all this but I figure there are others out there going thru the same struggles. I just feel some days I don't measure up or reach the bar. I try.... sometimes I try too much. Live in the moment is all I can say. That is something you will never regret. Thanks for being here and reading this!


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