CPR Guidelines Have Changed! Take a FREE Class or Learn Free Online!




Last night, our family had the opportunity to go to a CPR class that was being taught at our Church building.  A bunch of the Firefighters and an EMT came to teach us about CPR, Choking and what to do in other emergency situations.  I’ve been CPR certified before.  But, I am SO glad I went to this class…. because I had no idea how the CPR Guidelines have totally changed!

The American Heart Association has found out that Chest Compression Only CPR is more effective than doing breaths as well.  Their latest studies have shown that those life saving breaths actually aren’t as effective because you end up breathing in Carbon Dioxide instead of fresh Oxygen into the victim’s lungs.  Makes sense to me!  Plus, if Chest Compressions are done fast and hard, they will move the lungs as well and encourage them to receive oxygen on their own.

You can head over here to see the New guidelines for CPR.  You can even watch a video on it or see if there is a Free Class in your area!

I always worry that I will need to use CPR in some emergency.  So I’m glad I’m prepared in case I do have to help save a life!

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